Meet The Authors – Valerie, Harry & the Fisch

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VALERIE Jagiello – fine artist, graphic designer and photographer

Valerie was a child prodigy. She started to draw on the first day she could hold a Crayola…and made her very first sale several days later! Her first working studio was a wooden high chair. Her mom was a designer who fashioned a fabric catch all for the top tray with multiple pockets all the way around. This way, Valerie could keep her precious art supplies close at hand. Valerie would sit in her studio chair for hours lost in the act of creation. The only time she would cry or get upset was when she ran out of paper or art supplies!

Being a prolific artist, even as a child, Valerie worked very fast and the family had a hard time keeping up with or rather picking up…all of these masterpieces. After signing them with her name and a special mark, Valerie would throw the finished work to the floor to make room on the tray for the next picture. While other children were outside playing, Valerie was always busy creating something. As soon as it was finished, she was out the door running up the block selling her artwork to the neighbors. She had regular clients who loved her stories about the artwork and always came back with a fist full of money.

In middle school, she regularly received 100% in art as the teachers agreed they could not teach her anything. She also was the only student to teach a monthly art class during the regular scheduled art class. The students loved her off beat subjects and processes. Valerie is an innovator and even at a young age she experimented by painting with food, veggies, earth and even the little presents left on the lawn by her then puppy Mischief. All of her formal education was in New York City. After graduating college, Valerie worked as a creative/art director on prestigious Madison Avenue in New York CIty. Valerie left the nine to five lifestyle and never looked back. She didn’t like being creative on demand! Even now…after all these years Valerie still uses her Crayolas.

A keen observer of life and the world around her, Valerie is constantly looking for new sources, components or products to use within the creative process. The coloring books she designs with partners in crime…Harry & the Fisch are conceptual, cutting edge and crackling with creativity!

This is one reason they are so excited about their interactive coloring site The colorist can take a break from the traditional methods of coloring and go digital. e at the site you have the chance to interact both proactively and responsively.

Valerie, Harry & the Fisch are nocturnal by choice and prefer to work at night when most of the world is still. During her lifetime Valerie has won numerous awards and has had many group and one man shows. Her religious art hangs in several museums across the country. Although awards are nice they are unimportant…as art and the act of creating are Valerie’s reasons for being. “I’m a working artist who has been blessed with the ability to create what I like, when I like. I will continue this journey and my work until the day I die!!!”

You can reach Valerie, Harry & the Fisch by email at Then mosey on over to our retail store You’ll find a full line of color-able, art clothing at fantastic prices, dolls (in the planning stages), coloring cards and of course ALL of our conceptual coloring books and journals.

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HARRY Gareth Edward Spaulding – muse, writer and fine artist

Harry came into Valerie’s life several years ago as a rescue Puli from Birmingham, UK. With a beautiful soul and his wonderful spirit Harry quickly became Valerie’s muse and the two were never apart. Between modeling assignments for his mum, Harry was a Puli-at-large…reporting human interest stories and blogging for several online websites.

After getting his paws wet with his weekly column, Harry slowly started to gather his own ideas for creating his own line of products including children’s books. Harry now focuses totally on our coloring books and is in charge of alternate product development with the help of younger brother the Fisch. To chat or contact Harry you can reach him at

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Allister FISCHer Edward Spaulding lll – muse ll (in training), writer and visual artist

The Fisch joined the pack about three years ago and the fit was perfect and immediate! He was a rescue Puli too but from Oklahoma City. The lads bonded on many levels and had many stories to share about their prior lives and decided to become official blood brothers. Fisch is a natural clown and is the jester of the pack and loves to make people laugh.

When needed the Fisch models alone or with his older brother Harry. He fills most of his free time getting belly rubs…which are his number one fave free time activity.

Fisch takes his art projects and writing very seriously. On most days he can be found in the studio writing and/or working on his own brand of products…just like Harry. The Fisch really enjoys working with Harry and honing his creative skills. To chat or contact the Fisch you can reach him at too.




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