Color Your Story

valerie, harry & the fisch


to a totally new interactive coloring experience!

Come on and get Color Your Story!


  • To start your journey simply choose a drawing from our library by pressing  the Thumbnails tab located above the work space area.
  • Your coloring choices are pages from “the write your own story coloring book…a spring journal” by valerie, harry & the fisch which the lads and I are getting ready to publish. The pages available to color include the front and back cover, ten full sized coloring pages and two different journal pages. One journal page has the illustration on the left hand side while the other page…on the right.
  • The library will be expanded regularly to keep your enjoyment level and the coloring experience constantly crackling with creativity!
  • Finding your colors will be easy when using the Color Picker tab.
  • To change a color simply use the Undo tab. It can be used over and over again until you achieve the color and look you want. You can finish off a segment of the artwork with pencils, markers pastels or paints by simply leaving that area blank (white) and completing it after your have downloaded your picture.
  • To save and print your work you’ll use the Download tab. Just a simple right click on the pop up window then choose “Save Image As” and complete downloading your image. When the download is completed you will be able to finish working on your page after you print it out on your home printer.
  • Print as many pages as you wish for your own personal journal.
  • hopes you enjoyed this one of a kind journal you’ve just created.
  • The book above has been copyrighted and you may not use any part/parts of it without written permission from the authors.

Valerie, Harry & the Fisch….the three names to look for in creative coloring book concepts. Color On!


Colorists…submit a favorite you’ve just finished to and we’ll proudly post it to the Color Your Story Gallery! Please include your name and the state or country you’re from.   Your work will go live within 14 days.